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Optik TV - Trending Now Feature


If you're looking for something new to watch or want to see what's currently popular, then the handy Trending Now feature on Optik TV is just what you need. This feature lets you see the top five most watched programs in your area, all in real-time.


Trending Now.jpg


How to discover what's Trending Now

1. Tune in to any channel and wait until the channel information disappears (or press the BACL/EXIT button on your remote to force close it).

2. Press the right arrow on y our Optik remote to have the Trending Now feature appear. You'll see the program and channel information for the five most popular programs that are being watched in your area.

3. Scroll through with the arrow buttons and press OK on your Optik remote to instantly tune into that popular program.

4. If needed, press the BACK/EXIT button to force close the Trending Now feature off of your screen once you've changed over to the new program.


Now you'll always be ready to check out what's popular on Optik TV. Just another one of the awesome features on Optik TV.


Learn more about Trending Now over at our website or reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook page and we'll be there to help!



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