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"Telus Office internet" package 85/month, can telus host/route our IP address block?


looking to get Business telus internet 85/month, can telus port our IP address block? (ie we currently have a /24 with another provider looking ot move) 

this is something I was able to do with telus about 12 years ago i ma not sure if "upgrades" have limited that 


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Community Power User

This is something you should likely call a Business Expert to discuss.

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You cannot do it with the "Office" packages.


Only the managed Internet services will offer the ability to use your own block of IP addresses through BGP.  These services are customized, pricing is negotiable but I would guess start at the $450/mo range.  They offer you guaranteed service level agreements too.  You get first priority over the best effort service appointments a typical consumer level business/office ADSL customer when something is down and you can request discounts on your bill if they don't fix it within the guarantee times.  It doesn't mean the connection will never break, just means they will try to fix your type of connection before going to the other regular appointments.  


To setup you must contact Telus and get in touch with a business sales rep to start the negotiations.



Hi Calgary Network, can you please advise how we can get in contact with you via PM please? I will forward your request over to our Business team for further support!