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What Happened to Elite Travel Passes ?


I went for a trip to Mexico over New Years, and purchased a $15.00 travel pass that allowed for 75 texts over 10 days.($0.20/text)


It was a great deal, as I did not need data or phone minutes.


Now I see that it is no longer available, and that instead Telus only offers a $60/month travel pass.


What happened to the old travel passes?


For the amount of texts that I actually sent (42), it will now be cheaper to just use the pay per use rate of $0.60/text.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Since the Neighbours here are just about all customers, not employees, at best we can surmise there were few enough folks using the travel passes, that the Easy Roam product became easier to administer.


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If you have a business plan that doesn't allow you to use easy roam you can likely still add this product if you call in to request it.


I administer some small business plans that do not allow for the easy roam option.  I still have to use the old fashioned roaming add on features for international or the "roam ready" feature in USA ($20voice/$30data/$2sms)


I have found they broke the ability for me to add these add on features online and I must call in and have a SMB rep add them and the ones allowed to touch these older accounts only work regular business hours so I cannot call in the evening or a weekend.  But all the old fashioned options are still available I just cannot see them listed anywhere.  If you had it before tell them when it was last added and they can likely find the plan again and add it manually if that's what you want.  They have also been able to schedule what day it would become active so I could call ahead of time.