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Possibilities of attack on smart home devices

Just Moved In

I've been a tech enthusiast from my childhood and always been an early adapter of new technologies (even though my knowledge about these things are really low.) I'm also a TV person and I binge watch shows all the time. Mr. Robot was one of my recent binge watches. The show was said to be the most real show about hacking. And as I read further I came to know that most of the hacks shown in the show are really possible.

This actually got me a bit worried. One episode in the second season shows a group of hackers taking over an automated house. This was really worrying for someone like me who is trying to integrate more technology every day into my life. I even talked about this to a friend who works at a cybersecurity consulting company and he told that it is really a possibility. So what do you think about this? Is there something that we can do to increase security against such attacks.