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Telus WiFi Hubs listed as targets of attack


From this article:


"...once exploited, the vulnerability can be used to bypass authentication procedures on affected routers and modems to enable the Telnet service and allow threat actors to connect to devices remotely.

While Grant has not tested his proof-of-concept exploit for other devices, and the exploit might not work out of the box for all, the chances are that it does.

While still unconfirmed, owners of any of the affected devices listed in the table above are advised to inquire their router vendor for security patches.

Juniper said it identified the threat actor behind these attacks as a notorious botnet herder operating a version of the Mirai malware."


Community Power User
Community Power User

The article lists the bug being patched back in April and the Arcadyan devices Telus has have had firware updates since the versions listed in the article. I'd like to think those firmware updates did include that fix.

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