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Good Samaritan

My internet started acting up last week. It got to the point that I could not do my work and I had an important dead line that would have cost me money if I had not respected. I am in the business of making money not losing it, so I called TELUS. The fellow that I spoke to ran some tests and determined that I needed a person to come out. This was all fine and dandy except I was going to miss my deadline. The fellow at TELUS asked me about my cell phone. He walked me through connecting my phone to my PC and I had internet. I was even assured that I would not get charged for it. I was able to meet my deadline and a person came out the next day to fix a bad wire in my box. What else can a small business owner like me be offered in a time of need?

Most Helpful

TELUS offers a vast variety of interim connectivity solutions (referred to by TELUS SMB technical support as ICS).


  1. wireless tethering on your mobile phone
  2. sending you a smart hub, mobile internet key or cell phone while waiting for a far away dispatch date
  3. internet fax in an even your fax line goes down (your fax are sent to an email)
  4. out of service call forwarding

feel free to ask about these solutions when ever you call support and they require to send a tech or during outage times