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With inflation and global events disproportionately impacting the price of gas, Canadian motorists paid 32 per cent more at the pump compared to February 2021, and 112 per cent more than two years ago. The average Canadian will spend approximately $2,000 this year to keep their vehicle fueled up.


These rising prices affect our budgets, causing us to either drive less or reduce our spending in other areas to make ends meet.


Tips to help you save:

  • Accelerating gently (the harder you accelerate, the more fuel you use)
  • Minimizing engine idling
  • Anticipating traffic to maintain a steady speed
  • Keeping to the speed limit
  • Keeping tires inflated properly
  • Avoiding carrying extra cargo when possible

It’s not just your budget that can benefit from reducing fuel consumption – with climate change and other environmental factors in mind, we aim to reduce GHG emissions by 46 per cent by 2030.


With the cost of fuel at an all time high, what steps have you taken to save money?