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home security fails

why is it impossible to do the following basic things?

1. have a sd card camera where i can actually pull the sd card and go through the videos on a computer…you encrypt but why not just let consumer set a pass? and why try watching 24/7 video you make it impossible though your portal or app which is why i want to do it offline.

2. have detailed logging on all device types and methods used to access account, telus wouldn’t provide me this on my own account because of “privacy” but guys if someone hacked my account how would i know? seems fishy.

3. you say nothing up front about clip limitations or the fact you won’t use existing smoke detectors - the install is crap from an actual security install…i have telus smoke detectors beside the original ones.

4. tech installed water sensor onto plastic, missed a basement flood…

5. you expect loyal customers on any side of the telus product line when you layoff 6000 people. the service is already horrible this won’t make it better…


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Good morning,  for sure I can see the trouble for some of your concerns.  I suggest you speak to one of our security care team about the install of the equipment.  When you sign up for the service based on your monthly cost, you also have the list of the equipment that is included.  
You can reach out at 


your answer proves my point.

1. i was credited the install but the damage to my home was done

2. for those with 8000 clips a month it resets to 5000 if you are not on whitelist

3. for those of you with outdoor cameras telus also resets video motion settings.

4. i have had 3-4 escalations about deleted video and video not being in saved clips but nothing gets resolved.

it’s disappointing telus hasn’t done better in this space

I'll reach out to you on private to see how I can assist further.  Thanks

everything is working perfectly now thank you so much to all the TELUS team members who helped me through some very odd issues!

way to go telus!