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door to door soliciting

Just Moved In
Hi TELUS are you sending representatives door to door asking about whether my Neighbours and I need home security products? Seems weird just before the holidays - is this legit??
I'm in Gibson's, BC

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Heather5 We do have reps out in the community to talk about SmartHome Security products and more. Here's how you can identify them:

We have had these representatives going door to door in Halfmoon Bay (Sunshine Coast) they are extremely pushy and have even been intimidating to some. There have been many complaints about them on social media and some have even reported them to the RCMP.  I'm sure this is not condoned by Telus but I'm sure you are aware of this issue. This is no way for a company of your stature to operate and feel you must fix this and actually apologize for this as it has upset many people in our community. 

Hi @MoonBay. That's certainly ot how we expect our representatives to conduct themselves. We'd like to find out more so we'll be sending a DM your way 🙂