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Telus Smart Home Security billing etc


I was informed in October by our security system company which was local that they would be transferring our files and closing after the owner's retirement.  Telus got the contract.  I paid my annual fee with the company in September of 500.  I just received an email from Telus telling me I owe another 500 and to pay fast or risk additional fees.  There is a link to log in but Telus has never mailed us anything as a customer.  The portal says to use your PIC passcode in capital letters and the account number provided in the email - none of it works at all!


If this is how Telus welcomes new customers with no documentation and a bill for 500 bucks with no explanation of what to do, then I think I want out. 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey there, we're sorry to hear about this. Which company were you previously with? 


@riouxanastasia Hello, I'm very sorry to hear you had this experience. My division has assisted thousands of client who are from companies that TELUS acquired, and I have not heard of this happening. If you live in BC or AB, call our customer care team, we'd be happy to assist you. 1.855.909.8277. 

I am now receiving an overdue statement with an additional 7.53 in charges.
This is ridiculous.

Anastasia Rioux
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