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Scam or legit? 50% off home security text message.

Just Moved In

(1) Received a text message from "5429" which purported to be from Telus offering 50% a home security bundle and inviting me to "Claim offer now" or call a a phone number, or to UNSUBSCRIBE go to  Thanks, but lately I've been told many times not to click on links in unexpected text messages.  So is this a scam?  Even if it is not a scam, stop this kind of marketing. (2) I tried to attach an image of the text (195 KB png image) but the site just said "no" but did not offer an explanation why I could not attach the image.



Community Manager
Community Manager

As of November 27th of this year, I'm not seeing that shortcode in our internal list of utilized shortcodes so I would be skeptical. I don't have confirmation that it has been added in the month since the last update to the list but if I find anything out, I'll definitely update this post.