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Door to Door sales

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Hi there,

Did you have someone canvasing the NE Calgary area today?


We had someone come to our door wearing a Telus vest claiming to be a Telus employee and informing us of a "deal." He was asking what services we already had and you would think that would be on file somewhere for home services before going door to door?


He wasn't wearing an ID badge and didn't have a business card when asked. Is this legitimate or a scam? It was very suspicious and it seems very difficult to confirm a Telus employee online or report possible scams like this - especially after regular office hours. 


Please reply asap so I can forward my video footage to CPS if needed. Thanks.



Community Power User
Community Power User

The door to door reps should have Telus branded ID on them. If in doubt end the conversation and send them on their way. 


The real door to door reps are from a company Telus has hired. They do operate outside of 9-5 so a real rep canvassing a neighborhood in the evening wouldn't be unheard of.

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