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Call control and security system

I have call control, had TELUS add 2 smoke detectors. Guess while adding wasn't in test mode and the monitoring peeps called both my numbers. However fire dept showed up. I checked the call log and see the number called me failed to press their number. Can I have call control activated, if I add the 855# will it come thru? I'm willing to do testing as I need to know if call control is not compatible with monitoring calling out system.

Thx in advance


Was it a person who called or was the call automated? The calling number just has to pass the call control once and it remembers and any subsequent calls from that phone number will bypass call control.

Alternatively you can add the number to the call control exception list, which I think is what you are asking about. 

Thx i know how call control works. I have telus security the issue is, can telus security monitor station press the number or do I have to turn off call control. This will be an issue for everyone with call control and security. The fire dept showed up because the alarm company (telus) claimed they couldn't reach me. I am not paying for this false alarm. As I know the toll free number calling is not the real number kinda hard to add to acceptance group.

The reason I know they tried i checked the call logs and failed attempts. The support says they didn't press the number given, I just want to make sure that's the reason. Hence I'm willing to test with them if required