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Arm and disarm on a schedule

Is it possible to arm and disarm on a schedule. I.e, every day at 11 pm, set security to arm stay. Then everyday at 6:30 am, set security to disarm.

I checked automation and I don’t see a way to do this. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this standard feature not available with Telus?


Hey there, this feature isn't currently offered; however, we invite you to post it as an idea here: 


Not currently offered, and I'm not sure I'd want my system arming/disarming itself on a schedule, that sounds like asking for trouble.

You CAN set up a notification that will remind you if you haven't armed it by a certain time.  Useful if, like me, you leave for work and forget to arm.


Thanks, yes I have set up notifications to remind me.


However, the feature it self is useful, especially in the night if you forget to Arm before bed. I had this feature with Rogers Home Security for a few years and had assumed its a basic feature. I would not have signed up with Telus if I had known this feature was not supported.