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What's the most effective way to clear Pik TV cache or fix the Max Session Exceeded problem?




For the past several months, we've been having issues with Pik TV via Apple TV 4th gen. Every 2 weeks or so, we get something along the lines of "Authorization Token Expired," with a "Dismiss" button, which takes forever to get rid of. We have to force quit Pik TV. Then after we get back onto Pik TV, we get the error "The number of active streams has reached.... please log out of one or more devices."


We only use 1 device to stream Pik TV at any given time, the Apple 4th gen mentioned above.


Every single time this occur, we have to:

1. Uninstall Pik TV
2. Log out of Pik TV, restart Apple TV, log back in in several times
3. Lo gout of PK TV, Force quit Pik TV, repeat step 2

4. Worst come to worst, reset Apple TV, but it still doesn't fix the problem.


Probably takes a few hours of repeating the above steps before it works again for 1 or 2 weeks. We're pretty close to dropping Pik TV because of this. Please help us find a faster solution to resolve this madness.


Just Moved In

I really hope there's a reply to this soon as we are having the same issue right now and have had it many times before. It's very frustrating as we also do not watch PixTV on any other devices yet we get all the same pop ups/issue you have listed. 

We're also super close to dropping Pix, it's being frustrating at this point. 

Hi @Hong @allisonfclarke 


You could try logging out of your TV provider account. Sometimes there may be a data issue with Apple, and the sessions don't clear properly, especially if you get an error or the app crashes. To do this, go to the Apple TV home screen, then Settings -> Users and Accounts -> TV Provider -> Sign Out/Do not allow.


Failing this, I'd recommend logging out of the Pik TV app before force quitting . To force quit the app, double-click the touchpad on the Siri remote and swipe up on the Pik TV app. Then re-launch the app and sign in again. 

Thanks for your reply, I have done both of these things and they haven’t resolved the issue before. It tends to just eventually resolve itself (at a later date I just try again and PixTV works) but it’s not ideal.


Unfortunately these methods don't work. There has to be some sort of problem with the app.


I haven't signed onto the TV provider for a long time. I sign it through Pik TV app exclusively.

We just moved over to PIK TV (using the Apple TV box) and are experiencing the same issues as described above. Very annoying. There is clearly an issue with PIK TV and I don’t see any official response from Telus acknowleding or working on the problem. It is unacceptbale to have to go through a number of steps to reset the boxes (or wait a day for it resolve itself as it seems to do). Maybe Telus doesn’t really want PIK TV to be successful so as to keep customers in their more expensive Optik TV option?

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