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Upgraded Pik TV box

Just Moved In
Is anyone else going through the same ordeal as me? It's been since may that I requested the new upgraded box and still no sign of it. I've been calling Custumer service and Retention every month and every time I have to explain the issue over and over and I keep getting the same answer "it's in back order" "we will look into it and get back to you" we'll it has been 2 weeks since the last time I call last and I've had it... Thinking of changing providers now.

Friendly Neighbour

I asked about the new PikTV digital box back in April or May, when I first became aware of the new upgraded box. I have called in twice but not available to me yet.  

We're not an Apple household, everything is Google & there's no app for our new LG tv.  The digital box defaults to PikTv & sounded great solution. 

I gave up & bought a Chromecast with Google TV when they were on sale. 

PS there's a new HD version that's cheaper (39)