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TelusTV-21T vs OPTIK

Just Moved In


I am new to forum.

Just received Telus Digital boxes to replace existing Telus Optik.

I am seeing a lot of negative feedback regarding recording functionality, recording playback, google assistant etc etc

Is this platform so poor I should just send these boxes back and stay with Optik for now ?





Send them back as quick as you can.  The boxes are absolute crap.  Recordings disappear for no reason, daily recordings suddenly don't record for one or two days then start up again,  there is no way to extend your recordings beyond the scheduled time so if you were hoping to record sporting events forget it.  After a certain amount of time you will not be able to access any profiles that you set up.  Telus TV is the absolute worst service you could ever be saddled with.  Have only had it for 3 months and am already counting the months until my contract is up and I can get rid of Telus TV.