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PikTv & accessibility on the browser


Thank you so much for adding descriptive video to PikTv on the browser. I'm totaly blind, so I find that very helpful. One thing is happening though when I go to channel 870 CJIL the volume goes much lower than the other channels and the sound is hard to hear too when I turn descriptive video on. I was wondering if that could be fixed. 





Community Manager
Community Manager

@whitewater We forwarded this to our product team and they couldn't find a variance in volume levels between channel 870 and other channels but did indicate video on demand content can be louder than regular channels sometimes. 

Are you still finding the volume for live content on channel 870 than all other channels?

Yes, if I have channel 870 on while described video is on the sound on 870 is lower than the other channels I have on piktv.

And when I turn off describe video the volume level and sound on 870 is the same as the other tv channels I get.

I enjoy described video a lot with no sight. It works reallyy well!

David Ouimet

Hi @whitewater, thank you for the additional details. Are you experiencing this issue on other devices, or is it browser only? 

Hi Kate, I have the PikTv app on an apple tv 4k box I have and a samsung galaxy a52 5g phone too. On the apple tv 4k the sound is a bit better, but on the Samsung galaxy the sound is more distorted. If it is easier I could go into the piktv settings and turn off described video whenever I experience that happening.

David Ouimet

Hi David, thank you for the detailed feedback and your patience. Confirming I am experiencing similar volume decreases with Describe Video turned on. I've passed this information to our development team for further investigation. In the meantime, if the volume increase option is available, please use that and make sure to turn the volume down prior to switching to an unaffected channel to avoid being startled. 


Thank you, 


Hi Kate, Thanks for confirming what’s happening on channel 870 and for the temporary recommendation you gave when turning on and off described video also. I really appreciate the new accessibility features you’ve added to Telus.