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"Television signal has been lost"


I have been on Optik TV before Christmas (along with the upgraded fibre internet service) and all was well until about mid-January when the television signal started cutting out for 5-10 minutes.  It happens intermittently and sometimes once during a 3 hour hockey game and sometimes multiple times.


The TV image would freeze and then a black screen with white text would appear saying "Television signal has been lost" along with a list of instructions.  

I follow the instructions and nothing works and then 3 - 5 - 10 minutes later the signal is restored.  This awfully annoying as it seems to happen during the most exciting part of the third period of a game.


A link to the image is here:


Some other comments:

  • The internet is working elsewhere in the house and we can switch to the Optik TV app on an iPad to continue watching the game if needed. 
  • The TV is connected to a 4K wireless digital box which is on the Telus provided wifi network
  • Resetting the box by holding the power key down for 10 seconds doesn't seem to do anything

Any thoughts on what could be causing this before I call Telus support and wait on hold for 45 minutes?





That looks like an issue with the network connection. Do you have the option to connect over Ethernet or MoCA?

No, unfortunately not.  


Update on the first message.  When the "Television signal has been lost" message appears, the tv stations do not work but I can still access the TV Apps (Netflix, Prime, etc.) and those work.


And now, the pattern has changed.  My main PVR box is attached via the wifi to 4 remote wireless digital boxes.  One box works fine but the others work for about 15-30 seconds and then freeze up (and the aforementioned screen comes on but the TV Apps are still working on those boxes).


So, I can conclude that the internet signal via the wifi from the PVR main box to the wireless digital boxes is fine.  Therefore, it is just TV signal that has been lost.


Looking in the support forums, it is basically the same issue as:


Neither forum post indicated a solution.  


Telus support wait time is over an hour - if no one has any suggestions, I guess that's my next step...



Community Power User
Community Power User

The two other discussions you linked to sound like a completely different issue though. There is a chance your problem is specific to the one wireless box that you have. Either that area of your home has weaker wifi signal, which can still allow Netflix etc to run since they'll adjust video quality to work, or the box may just have some kind of problem. If you take a laptop or tablet and have it next to the problem boxes and do a speed test over wifi, what kind of results do you see? All the same or different?


I would recommend talking with someone at Telus directly. I believe they have tools that can remotely diagnose the boxes and they would also be the ones to speak with if the box itself is the problem and needs replacing.

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