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Why did telus change the canadian basic programming province restricted?

I grew up with telus satellite and lived around the Edmonton area in alberta my whole life. I grew up with knowledge network, tvo, etc. now telus optik is saying these channels are province restricted. And almost triple the cost for less. What happened?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Those have been province restricted per the CRTC for a very long time. The old satellite product was Bell Satellite being resold as a Telus product and there was an ancient grandfather clause with the CRTC that allowed those very few specific channels to be included. The satellite resale agreement lapsed in March 2018. CRTC's new rules for channels kicked in in 2016.


The CRTC does not have Knowledge or TVO as part of the mandatory distribution channels. Knowledge is a provincial education channel for BC, and TVO is a local/regional channel for Ontario.

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