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Sony TV Remote Cannot Pause OptikTV

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I recently bought a Sony BRAVIA TV, and initial setup was a breeze. However, due to an issue with Google Home controls, I performed a factory reset of the TV. It lost the ability to control the OptikTV set top box. After I managed to get that reconfigured, the TV remote cannot pause the OptikTV set top box anymore. Every other button works: channel up, channel down, guide, DVR, etc. The only button that doesn't work is the pause button. Instead of pausing, it plays. In other words, if the set top box is currently paused and I press the pause button, it plays, as if I pressed the play button.

Community Power User
Community Power User

When I pause something on my PVR using the Telus remote, and then hit pause again on the Telus remote, it resumes playing. Always has as far as I remember. 


Are you using the Telus provided remote or one from Sony?

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Friendly Neighbour

Have you been able to find a solution for this problem?  I have a Sony A80J and the Sony remote just started to have the same issue, unable to pause OptikTV.  I can pause using the original TELUS remote but the Sony remote can only un-pause, not pause.  

Late to the party, but this has been driving me mad for 1 year plus. My easier than having to have both a Telus and Sony remote beside me was just to add Telus to my Google Home (shows up as Telus Home Assistant under Works with Google). Then I can just say "Hey Google pause TV Box" via my phone or by pressing the Google Assistant button on the Sony remote.