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Series not recording!!

Just Moved In
Hello, we just switched to Telus, and all of a sudden I cannot record Global morning news (channel 104) as a series. I can record individually, I can record other programs in the same time, I can series record literally everything else it seems EXCEPT the ONE show that I NEED to have set. I don’t wake up that early, but I start my mornings an hour or so later after it starts. I’ve seen you guys tell some other posts it’s because of some episode ID issue, but those posts are 6months ago. Shaw didn’t have this problem.
Also, we’re not talking about some weird series on Nat Geo, we’re talking about the MORNING NEWS SHOW on the LARGEST CANADIAN TV NETWORK.

Ummm figure it out, you guys look really dumb, and I’m considering going back to Shaw. News is kinda a thing, in fact it’s the ONLY thing keeping “tv subscriptions” relevant at all. This is a HIGH priority. What a joke


Our scheduled programs have not been working for a while now either.  We also like to record the morning, noon and 6pm news as our schedules don't often allow us to watch them live.  They have not been recording even though they show as scheduled to record on the tv guide screens.


It seems like hard resetting the 2 tv boxes in our house fixes the issue for a few days and then stops working again.


Hi @Steve86 yep, this has been an ongoing issue since I joined in May. It's been in their post


Unable to run series recording on news channels 


Episode recording is available while we work on resolving this. 


I'm not holding my breath...


Wish I had never switched from Shaw!

Community Power User
Community Power User

News is not considered a series, even though it occurs at the same time daily. 
Do your favourite news channels have  streaming options?

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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Steve86 , series recording on news is something we're working on addressing. In the meantime, there is the "restart and lookback" capability on most content. If you see a circular arrow on the guide, you can restart that content and play it back for up to 30 hours, and you will be able to catch up on the 2 hours that you missed. 

The part that is puzzling is that news recording has worked for several years.

The start over feature is fine aside from the fact that telus has blocked the skip ahead or fast forward features unless a program is recorded. This forces annoying commercials and the ability to skip useless or uninteresting news content.

Typically out of a 1 hour news program we watch about 25 actual minutes of the content.


we have had the same issue since we switched to Telus a few months ago.