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Series Recordings - Deleted once current series ends?


So in addition to the current status of Series Recording issues to numerous to mention. I have noticed that once a Series Recording is set (despite the fact it may just disappear at any time for no rhyme or reason 🙄) and the current season ends it no longer appears in your upcoming Scheduled Series Recordings?

It appears to be automatically deleted and you would have to search out and find this program in the future to set another series recording? Why?

No doubt I'm invariably going to forget to set another series recording until I realize that a new season is airing...

With my last service provider who shall remain nameless (Cough cough - Shaw 😆) You were able to view ALL of the Series Recordings that were set in an individual list where you could modify, amend, delete, prioritize etc. Great, because it would record a new season when or if it was released!



Community Manager
Community Manager

We have a catch-all Optik thread here with tips and tricks. @Optik-Kate here's another example for you!