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Put Back RTV!

Friendly Neighbour

Put back Russia TV!
Yes I know they lie and have just invaded the Ukraine but I need to hear both sides of the story. Also mainstream media is full of lies nowadays, using the “Trusted News Initiative” to do real time censorship across all mainstream media including social media. So much is censored it is getting near impossible to "read between the lines".

Finding the truth is getting much harder so let ME make up my OWN mind what to believe!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Visit them online. ALL Canadian carriers have removed RT and US networks are pulling the plug on RT. There isn't really any sides when Russia has flat out invaded Ukraine and lied to the UN security council. RT is Russia's propaganda channel. There are plenty of credible news outlets that fact check their work.


Not sure how much more proof you need when there is 40 mile convoy of Russian equipment ready to invade.

Please read BBC's Trusted News Initiative - Basically all Mainstream Media has "Realtime Fact Checking" so you won’t have to think for yourself anymore.  This includes Facebook, Twitter and pretty much everything else.

Of course they won’t mention anything that they don’t want you to hear either.  Russia TV has many good, AND accurate documentaries, many made in the USA and other countries that never get aired in Canada or USA.  Some do.

GlObesity, Plastic Wars, an Oxycontin documentary. This stuff should be broadcast on other channels, but even PBS doesn’t have much controversial documentaries anymore.  If you apply critical thinking, you can usually figure out the Truth, but not if you aren’t allowed to see it.  (You can see GlObesity on Amazon Premium.) 

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