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PVR/Recording Option gone


Recording events has been a problem for a while and unreliable at best. Now the app doesn't even give you the option to record if you're away from home. What is going on. For the amount of money Canadians have to pay for cable you'd think a multi billion dollar corporation would have better service. 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @SteveMcQ 


The ability to set, edit and delete recordings on the TELUS TV+ app is certainly still a feature we offer. If you subscribe to cloud recordings, you can watch recordings from the app as well. 


What device are you using the TELUS TV+ app on? And are you logged into the same account that your home TV service is on? If you cannot see the recording option in your app - there may be an issue with your account that only a technical support rep can help with.