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OptikTV conflicts with WiFi Extender. Help!


Hi. I’m using Telus for my internet, TV and home phone now. My internet service is “TELUS Internet 150” and my Optik TV service is “Essentials”. The technicians came to my home last Thursday (Mar. 2nd, 2023) and installed the latest equipment for the above services. I have 3 Telus equipment now: a white square router on the wall, a white cylindrical booster and a black box for the TV. I’m also using my own “Netgear AX1800 WiFi Mesh Extender (EAX20)” because the internet signal in some rooms is not good. My own wifi extender’s power’s plugged in a different room and it’s connected wirelessly to the Telus machine. The wifi extender conflicts with the TV signal. When the wifi extender’s plugged in, the TV shows “Television signal has been lost” error page (but internet and phone are all good). If I unplug the wifi extender, the TV’s working again. I’ve tried unplugging the machines, I’ve tried all the options in my wifi extender, and nothing works. I can’t log in to the Telus router as “admin” even though I have the password; it keeps telling me that I typed “Invalid Username or Password”. Any solutions for the TV and wifi extender confliction? Thank you.

If the products of “Netgear” don’t work with Telus, what wifi extenders work best with Telus? Does Telus provide their own wifi extenders? Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Sounds like your TV is trying to connect to your mesh network, which usually causes problems. Can you connect it by Ethernet?

Telus routers usually are found at IP address, with the password found on the device itself. Depending on which ‘square box’ you have, it may or may not be the router. The password may be hidden under a lid. Can you provide a more detailed description? If the cylinder is indeed a booster, it will be assigned an IP address by the router, and you will need that address to access the admin panel.

Finally, Telus does indeed have its own mesh product: Wi-Fi plus.

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Thank you for replying. I’ve added 3 pics for the 3 Telus equipment: 1. The Modem. 2. The Booster. 3. The TV box (PVR) (UIW8001).

The TV box is connected to the modem by an Ethernet cable ever since the technician left.

The passwords are on the booster. The technician showed me. I can’t open, but I can open The default Username is “admin” when I open that page, but my password doesn’t work. Even when I change the Username to the name of my internet, the password still doesn’t work.

I noticed that when I’m watching TV, the speed of the internet drops; so now the TV and the internet are combined. That’s why my wifi extender conflicts with the TV (my theory). But why should the TV need the modem? Didn’t it only need the TV box before? If the TV box can function without the modem, maybe my wifi extender won’t conflict with the TV anymore. Please help.

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Community Power User

There is a password sticker on the device in the first photo. You have to remove the cover to find it, which may require removing a screw.


Of course the speed of internet drops when you are watching TV, both use the same 'pipe' to deliver information, and since your TV is delivered over the internet, the router is needed to separate TV packets from other packets.


Yes, the IP address for the router is The Wi-Fi booster will be, which you can find in the router interface. Again, just remove the cover of the router to find its password.

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Based on the statement that the Set top box is connected to the TELUS modem via an ethernet cable and TV works when the netgear equipment is turned off,  I suspect a configuration issue with the net gear equipment