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Optik tv app and watching recorded shows

I recently switched from Shaw Blue Curve to Telus Optik and I miss that I can’t watch recorded shows on your Optik app in other rooms in my house. For example, I am watching a recorded show on my TV with my husband and then half way through the show I leave to room to make dinner in the kitchen. With Shaw, I would just take my phone with me and watch the rest of the show on the app. However, the Optik app only lets me watch that show “on demand”, and often the show isn’t even available yet. Plus, I have to watch the show all over from the beginning again - with no fast forward ability! Shaw’s app lets me pick up exactly where I left off in the TV room. Please consider adding this very, very useful feature to your great services.


Great suggestions! There's an ideas section on the neighbourhood at where this would be best posted and looked at by the TELUS team.