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Optik TV religious streaming channels not on TelusTV+ or new Android boxes


I recently got a Telus Android TV box since I am moving over from my old contract to a new one. I am doing a side by side comparison of my current Telus Wireless 4K boxes, and the new Telus Android TV box. 


I noticed that on the Android box, the religious streaming channels (channels 876-882) are not on the EPG. I am wondering if these will be made available on there in the near future (I am the person responsible at our church for streaming our religious services on one of these channels).




Screenshot 2023-12-21 11-07-06.png


Community Power User
Community Power User

On the old Optik TV platform channels 876, 877, 878, 879, 880, 882, and 884 are all on demand streaming religion channels. On Telus's website, there is an asterisk that does say: " Livestream not available on all TELUS digital boxes."


Telus hasn't announced if something is in the works to bring the livestreams to the new platform or if it's even possible as it is now. Android TV works differently than the old Optik TV platform so there are different features and technological capabilities.

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That's pretty disappointing. I'm responsible for one of the streams that broadcast on those channels. With Telus forcing me to give back the Wireless 4K boxes and switch to the Android boxes, I'll have no way of monitoring the broadcasts.