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Missing Episodes Big Brother

I’ve noticed that there are no current episodes of BB after E14 are not online yet. This seems to happen sort of frequently and I’m seeing that there are other messages about other shows to the same effect. But someone please explain what the problem is so that I can make a decision about keeping the subscription. I might as well pay for STACK TV, that seems to keep things up-to-date. Thanks so much.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. We have a robust relationship with our vendors whereby we'll upload content that is provided to us but the process isn't going to be 100%. Often, there are factors out of our control that can affect if/when content is uploaded and there are instances where we're asked to remove them. For the future, please continue flagging any missing content to us and we'll alert our content team who will follow-up with our vendors. 

I've alerted them to the missing Big Brother episodes 🙂