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Internet 25 account speed increased?


I have had the internet 25 account for about 18 months on Telus fibre to my house (internet 16 on Telus VDSL before that). Until now I was getting about 28 Mbit/sec download rate and 28 to 56 Mbit upload rate.  My account is supposed to be good for 25 Mbit down and up rates.  Which is not really fast, but good enough for me.



Today I had a PVR performance problem (video frequently freezing) with Optik TV so I deleted a few recordings and rebooted the PVR.  Afterwards the video quality was back to normal.  I ran Speedtest on my iPad 9 and was very surprised to see I was getting about 170 Mbit/sec download and upload rates.  Also on the account info on the myTelus site it says my Internet 25 account now has 150 Mbit down and up rates.  This is very good, more speed is better!


So when did the account data rates get upgraded???  I was out of town for October and not using my house Telus internet for about 5 weeks so missed any announcements or discussion about this.


Community Manager
Community Manager

That's a good problem to have! This reminds me of that Ikea commercial of the lady yelling "start the car! start the car!" only instead of cheap furniture, you've got super fast internet 🙂


Jokes aside, if you have your doubts, you can always log into your online account to make sure your speed and billing align correctly.

I inquired at the main local Telus store and the rep didn't know of any increases to account speeds.


I'm guessing they might be "throwing a bone" to some long-term customers who are paying the full rates for a long time, so we don't go to another provider.


Hopefully it's not a mistake they made, and my speed goes back down.


I noticed in the last few weeks that some streamed videos on my iPad and also nature programs (grizzlies etc) on Optik TV look sharper than before.