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Global TV app, channels not available


I got the Global TV app to watch on demand shows on HGTV

But when I sign in using my telus credentials, it says "based on my tv package, I have access to global and global news only".

Why is this? Because the global tv app says this:

Watch Global, HGTV, Food Network, Slice, History, W Network, Showcase, National Geographic, Adult Swim and 24/7 Global News LIVE or on Demand.


I am subscribed to HGTV on my optic but not W network and yet it says I have access to W network lol 


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Global TV app will only allow you to access content for the channels you subscribe to. Global also includes the unclear line of "Content availability may vary by TV provider." Basically, even though the Global app has all of the channels listed, you won't have access unless to them all unless you have subscribed to them through your provider.


Can you access HGTV shows on demand through Optik or the TelusTV app? If you can access HGTV on demand through Telus specifically, the issue is likely with the Global app.


I get access to W in the Global app also even though I don't subscribe to it. When I log in to the Global TV app with my Telus account, I still get access to all of the applicable channels available on the Global app that I'm currently subscribed to through Telus.

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I have access to the channels I want to watch on the Global app thru Telus. It still won’t authenticate……wheel is still turning after 10 minutes 🤦🏼‍:female_sign:

Understandably frustrating. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app or speaking with our Tech Support team about this?