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General observation as a newcomer to OptikTV


Some two weeks ago I signed up and posted a question to the Forum. The two replies were helpful, but I now have a more general comment which I hope will elicit responses showing that the problem is more widespread than Telus appreciates. I was lured to sign up with Telus for two years by 2 considerations: The monthly saving by switching from Shaw Cable, and concern for what changes Rogers might make after taking over Shaw. Some friends had spoken negatively about Rogers. I am hopeful that my comments will somehow come to the attention of technical people at Telus who create software and take into account feedback from consumers.

  After the easy-to-use interface of Shaw Tv, I am finding the Telus style of navigation to be a nightmare! The Home screen is far too complicated, and it is far too difficult to access channels, rather like finding one's way in a maze. I could go on, but if other former Shaw customers are as frustrated as I am, beginning to experience Buyer's Remorse, there could be quite a backlash from customers who decide to desert Telus and Optic TV. Are the powers -that -be at Telus aware of mounting new customer dissatisfaction with the current shambles that is Optik software, and can this forum draw their attention to this problem?

   I hope that others will add their voices to my concerns.


Michael Blayney



I’m assuming you have the new cloud pvr. You could check with them to see if you can switch to the legacy Optik equipment.

Hello Buckycat,

Thank you for your quick response. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are referring to when you mention "new Cloud PVR". How would I check with them, and what is the "legacy Optik equipment"? These are unfamiliar terms to a new user of Telus Optic. Does the legacy Optik equipment refer to a previous software version, and if so, how would it be accessed by a new Telus user?

Friendly Neighbour

I too just switched from Shaw.  I was told the legacy equipment is no longer available.  I have many concerns with the new system.  On our second set of boxes as the first set were faulty and the picture and sound skipped.  The new ones are starting to do the same thing.  We’ve  had to change remote batteries after a week. I could go on but it looks like we will run out our two year commitment and then probably leave Telus.  


I am in a similar position, coming from the OLD Shaw gateway system. 
The lack of dedicated buttons/shortcuts is a huuge step back. 

The lack of PVR recording control and shortcuts is a big negative.. Especially adding extra time to the start/end of a recording (Talken about you HBO!!!)  
The home screen is cluttered, with no way to remove unwanted items. 
I do find the TV picture quality better than Shaw, my new Fiber+ Internet is 1000% better than Shaw and as long as I remain on contract the monthly TELUS price is much better!  Overall I consider it a win, I just hope the "box" UI/UX gets better over time. 

Our TELUS TV is not working and neither is our telephone. We can’t send emails. What is happening ?????


you should check out my post : " PVR Recordings don't match when I view "

There is a pretty good list of issues detailed of the shortcomings in the current system.

Last I checked Shaw has better pricing now than when I left (4 months ago), so I'm actively seeing what my costs would be to get out of this contract and back to Shaw, as this has been an very bad hardware and software experience going with Optik.

Friendly Neighbour

I recently signed on with Telus from Shaw. Still getting used to the new interface myself. The UI has some quirks, but having experience with Chromecast with Google TV its not as big of a leap from using any other app. I do wish we could turn off the suggestion of Pay Per View items, and the lack of ability to set a series recording for only new episodes if a new episode is not in the calendar is annoying to say the least. I have yet to experience some of the other issues that some people have mentioned, but we shall see.


I recently switched from 18 years with Shaw. I expected a learning curve but the remote, guide and recording options are very limited and poorly designed. Setting series recordings don't work for many and I can't change the end time for recordings. No 'forward a day' on the remote, without selecting options for the day you want to view. No option to show what is recording on that day without looking at individual recordings. Not impressed so far...