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Free 55 inch Samsung 4K TV

Just Moved In
Hi I’m a new telus customer (used to be with Shaw) and I just moved to a new apartment and they had a 25% off deal for just living there, but I really liked shaws channels and prices, so I called in and asked what were some popular bundles. The lady told me if I qualify I can get a free 55 inch Samsung TV with internet and cable for $140 plus my discount. I really needed a tv so I canceled Shaw and signed up with telus. But fast forward two months later I still haven’t gotten my TV, the installation guy told me that the tv should be coming soon. I called this morning and they told me I should have gotten the TV, but he said on my file that I should have gotten a tv but something stopped it. After being transfer six times I am now being told that I don’t qualify for the free tv. I’m so frustrated because I canceled my Shaw services and now and I’m no longer able to get a tv

Community Power User
Community Power User

You might try using the escalation process to see if you can get some assistance:


Unresolved TELUS issue? Have your complaints heard | TELUS


Just a long time customer hoping to help.