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Recently I requested the addition to my Optik TV Channels the Canadian station identical to Disney + (the United States name of channel) as I specifically wished to view a three night Documentary series produced by Disney & directed by Peter Jackson called “Get Back” about the Beatles pop band’s rehearsal for their 1969 album. It has been advertised on every media, world wide. When I called Telus the young lady assured me that the Disney channel equivalent in Canada was DISNYHD.(Station 606 in my southern Alberta neighbourhood). I added this Channel only to learn today, the day before the first night of the three night special programming of the documentary “Get Back”, that this is not the correct channel. I have as of this evening cancelled the channel (606) DISNYHD. I am disappointed in both the error & the actual fact that the channel I want is not offered by Telus. I have been a customer for many many years & usually the service & or support I receive from a Telus is very good, often excellent. This softens my disappointment. Sincerely Kathy P

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Community Power User

The Disney Channel is something completely different than Disney+. It's unfortunate the person you talked to does not sound like they were aware of the difference between them.


Disney+ is available in Canada but it is not actually a channel. It's purely a streaming service. Disney has purposely only made it available on a limited number of platforms and devices. At the bottom of the main website for Disney+, it outlines what devices can access the service. None of the TV service providers have Disney+ on their normal set top boxes. The very few that have Android set top boxes that run standard apps could offer it.


The only saving grace is that "Get Back" will still be available on Disney+ after the initial release dates. Disney has not yet said when the episodes will be removed. You'll just need to ensure you have a compatible device to watch it on. Common ones include most newer game consoles, AppleTV, Chromecast / Google TV / Android TV boxes, certain Samsung, LG and Vizio smart TVs, and Amazon Fire devices. It will also work on your phone, tablet or computer.


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