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Crave some shows not on TV?


Why can't I get some shows on Crave on my TV through the Optik box but I can get them on my PC? In particular, episode 2 of Canada's Drag Race, Canada vs the World?
I also tried through my Firestick and it gave a message saying I needed Crave Total, which isn't something listed on Telus Optik


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

When you say on your PC-are you accessing Crave via or


Crave has multiple subscription options, and a number of them have changed over the past year or two; availability of programming will depend on what your subscription is. Previously, it was Crave (available as a theme pack with Optik) and Crave+Movies+HBO (available as a premium selection with Optik). The Crave+Movies+HBO includes 6 live channels and the Crave On Demand catalogue. Their current offerings are Crave Total and Crave Mobile, and an optional STARZ add-on.


Why program availability would change platform to platform is a mystery, though, and likely a question for Bell. 


I believe I was accessing it through
I have the Crave+Movies+HBO  theme pack on Optik

And, they started showing up yesterday 🙂

Weird, did you do anything (restart, reboot, etc) to make it work? 

Nothing I can think of.

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Odd! Glad it's working now though! 🙂