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Audio out of sync on youtube and Netflix app?

Anyone know why my YouTube and Netflix audio is out of sync a lot of the times? It’s like hit or miss to get it to work properly. The box is connected directly to the the thru the hdmi cable supplied by Telus and I already swapped a cable. Like example I’m watching the Video it’s about 1-2 sec out of sync.. and even if I press pause you can still hear audio come out of the tv for 2 sec before it stops. It’s more like delayed. Resetting the box works once in a while.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Only solution is a box reset when that happens. I find that over a long stretch of time it can happen without a reboot.

Ya seems like it but it happens way too often.. is it a box issue?? Firmware issue?? Software issue?? Telus even doing anything about it?? Sometimes resetting doesn’t even do anything.. and it’s like 3-5min wasted trying to reset the box