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? About receivers

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Do you have any HD receivers with the red, white & yellow inputs?


You can get a mini DIN cable that plugs in the back of the Optik box and give you composite video (yellow) with L/R RCA audio (red/white). Composite video won't be HD however. The DIN cable also has component video connectors which will give you HD if your TV has composite inputs.

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Do you have a pic of the proper cable that’s needed? I went on Amazon & multiple cables came up in my search.

@Chicnstu posted a picture of one here:


Telus technicians will often give you one if they happen to have some on hand.

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Community Power User

Telus' current devices are here:


The red, white and yellow inputs are for SD not HD. The old Cisco set top boxes have those outputs but the boxes are very old (7+ years) and I doubt if Telus even has any left. If using a current set top box and mini-DIN isn't an option, you'd need an adapter to convert HDMI to composite or whatever input your TV has.


How old of a TV are you trying to use? Nearly every TV made in the last 10-15 years should have HDMI on it if not component video on the older ones. (red, green, blue, white, yellow)

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