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Retrieving Receipts for Prepaid Plan

Just Moved In

I am looking to retrieve receipts/a bill of sale from current and previous prepaid plans. 


I require these to submit for reimbursement for work receipts, however I cannot find anywhere online where these receipts would be. There is no billing tab in accounts with prepaid plans. 


Looking for advice on how to access these and where



@KennedyR You will have to go to billing. I suggest by phone. Ask for live agent and keep asking for a live agent. They should ask you if you want a call back. Make sure you have all info about the account saves time. Get agents name and when done ask for an info email. Ask for live agent This is going to take some time so be available. Agents are on shifts so you might not get service you need.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are no receipts for issued for prepaid. You should be able to see when you topped up, have received a text or email indicating an automatic top-up was applied, or have the purchase receipt if you purchased at a retail outlet.


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