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ringing and knocking on my door

Just Moved In

Hi. I was very displeased when a door to door sales rep from Telus rang and knocked at my door yesterday and today December 21st. I have a NO SOLICITING sign on my window. When I answered the door tonight the rep said that it is Telus’ policy to ring and knock even if the homeowner has a NO SOLICITING sign. I did not appreciate the fact that Telus does not respect my wish to not be disturbed and will now considering changing my provider from Telus to Shaw. They might be more respectful. DON’T EVER RING OR KNOCK AT MY DOOR EVER AGAIN. 😞  I would appreciate a written apology from the sales rep and his boss.




The door to door reps and the mall display reps are obnoxiously persistent.  I remember seeing the door open a long time as my wife was trying to get them to go away.  They were essentially "snake oil salesmen" as they had nothing to sell but slow DSL and non-working Optik TV (I'd tried the service before, didn't even work on one TV well).  Telus appears to have no interest in fixing this situation since obviously it persists for years.  I"ve complained about it many times.


They also have a neat little trick where they address postal mail to "occupant" at your address, which gets around the "no junk mail sign".  Although there are many things I like about Telus, their marketing is pretty nasty.