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Problems scheduling a move

Just Moved In

First time poster but current PureFibre customer in Richmond, BC. Called in back in April to schedule moving my services and add on Optik TV and a home phone. Seemed everything went fine then, got a confirmation as expected, and then... no technician visit gets booked.

Called back on April 13th as I never got a Critical Information Summary or shipping info. Rep said the initial order "wasn't processed" and claimed to cancel it. I get a new confirmation email, a Critical Information Summary, and a shipping notification. Tech visit is booked and confirmed, TV box shows up a week later.

Fast forward to yesterday. I get called by a rep to say that the order (for which I already received a TV box!) wasn't completed. They try to do the order again. I try to tell them this is a duplicate order, I've already received a confirmation, have a tech visit booked, have received the TV box.

They insist that none of these have happened, it must be the last tenant's account. We spend an hour on the phone where I insist that this is a duplicate and ask to speak to their manager.

The "manager" takes over and says exactly the same thing; the order wasn't processed, they'll send me a new confirmation and TV box.

When I tell them I have already received a TV box and want to make sure they don't duplicate the order, they tell me I haven't received the box or completed an order

Today, I now have three confirmation emails, two TV boxes, and two technician visits booked at the same time. I've been on the phone for four hours already, and no one at TELUS seems to believe me that they already sent me a TV box.

I'm expecting to wind up with two or three technicians visiting at the same time at this point. Should I just be throwing the first-received TV box at them? No one at TELUS can tell me why moving service has turned into a nightmare.



Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @theros I'm following up on your message.  We'd like to see how we can help.  Did you get a chance to get the issue resolved. 

I’ve not been able to get this resolved with the phone agents.  I was told that I’d be contacted before the appointment, but now I’ve received three text notifications for three appointments at the same time - and despite replying “KEEP” have received three texts that read as follows:


”Hi, it’s TELUS again.  We haven’t heard from you and would like to confirm your availability for <appointment time>.  Reply KEEP to secure your appointment or let us know if you’d like to CHANGE the date.”


It seems obvious that the phone reps have duplicated the move order for my services at this point, but they will not admit this over the phone and claim everything is fine.  I have also not received any instructions on what to do with the multiple OptikTV PVRs that have been sent; the phone reps condescendingly explained that I “just need to plug in the power and HDMI” twice.