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Optik TV, PVR and On Demand issues

I'm not sure I have the time or patience to describe here all the problems I have had with this service. I can't wait until September 2024 when I can cancel Telus without penalty. I am on the phone with Telus near every week and have wasted hours of my time trying resolve problems. To clarify my situation; I am single and live alone, no one has any access to my account. The PVR box has been replaced 2 (maybe 3?) times. I have changed relevant passwords, set a PIN and added every safeguard available. Here are just a few of the issues:
1. When I delete recordings it also randomly deletes other recordings in the list.
2. When recording from the guide, it randomly records programs from adjacent channels or from channels on a completely different row, just random channels and programs
3. When trying to delete from the list, it says that the program can't be deleted because it is playing on a different box
4. Only records part of a program
On Demand:
1. Movies are ordered that I haven't ordered and charged to my account
2. Coupons are shown as used when I haven't ordered or watched any on demand
3. A $60 NFL package was added to my account that I didn't order
1. Pause, replay and fast forward temporarily unavailable.
2. I recently received an email with a document attached showing that my programing had been changed; it showed that a sports channel had been added to my account
There are no doubt some issues I have not listed, it's difficult to remember them all.
Telus representatives sometimes try to imply that these issues are somehow being caused by myself. They must assume that I am crazy and that I enjoy having to call them just about every week. They have been unable to resolve the issues on a permanent basis. I will confirm that it is extremely frustrating that they can't do anything to fix this and I will be canceling as soon as possible without paying penalties. I am SO sick of this, I can't wait for September 28, 2024.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Can definitely have your account looked into by our team. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Alright, submitted the request to our escalation callback team with that contact number. Someone will be in touch asap!

I don't know how this will help, I'm not having an issue at this particular moment to demonstrate to them.

I'm just giving you my update as I was having similar issues as you, I made several posts below. After 3.5 months at my new senior's apartment, having random recordings, $ on demand show charges, my tv package programming being changed and costing more $ via the tv remote from whomever had access to my wireless pvr. After multiple PVR changes, the problem was still there. I locked all my channels via the parental control program, but 'they' were still able to record, but perhaps not watch. After many phone calls through 3.5 months, a female Telus tech, I think located in the Philippines, said after running her tests, that the wifi Mac address digits of my box were entered in someone else's account and that the 'person' who was recording on my wireless PVR probably didn't know this. It's mind boggling that it's taken 3.5 months to correct the error. I might be jumping the gun, because it wasn't only corrected yesterday, but so far, no more random recordings. The fact that it was happening with multiple PVR's, means that there were errors to the Mac address on each of them in the system. Other research I have read online is this occurring when you have a refurbished PVR, which I did have (little yellow sticker on rear with black R) and that wifi address has not been removed from previous user/s. It must be a common problem and it should have been correct much sooner. All the Telus team members overseas were courteous and although they tried different methods to solve the issue, did not find the error.

Prior to posting on this forum, I did multiple internet searches for the issue and even came across a similar one on the Telus forum from a B.C. Telus client.

This post is directed only to Carmen or others experiencing my issues. I do not require a response from the moderator on this thread.

another update, I spoke to soon, found another random recording scheduled for tonight, at 10 pm , may 22, 2024, waiting for Telus technical support call back.

Friendly Neighbour

I'm having most of the issues you're having (except for the pause/reply/fast forward being good & not having taped shows being deleted

Friendly Neighbour

I had to post a second post because it won't let me edit/continue my 1st post, had to create a profile. I am having most of your issues currently, but not the the (pause/play/ff or random recordings being deleted). I've changed multiple PVR's, they won't send someone out until they exhaust that. They initially said the PVR was corrupted or I may have lent my online password out. I don't watch tv online, I am a senior & live alone in a senior's apartment building. this has happened since I first moved in in Feb. I just noticed that they changed my theme packs from 'their' tv on my PVR/account. Also on demand charges. Called Telus and they fixed both those issues. I feel that there must be a wiring issue in the building as Telus goes through the phone line. they won't send a tech out right now as they said I would have to pay for the visit. And once they do authorized sending someone out, that then my building has to have the phone line investigated, but not by Telus. Telus put a lock on my account that no-one can purchase or change anything on my account from their PVR/tv. Have tried to research on the topic online. You're the first person who I've come across having most of my issues and Telus saying they haven't encountered my issues.

Friendly Neighbour

Also, I went into parental controls and put a lock on that channel that is being recorded (and with a pin that I can unlock it to watch shows I tape on that channel), so that is there is a 'someone' that taped it, can't watch it. To signal to them, that there is someone 'wrong' and hopefully they contact Telus also. I also don't want them taping multiple shows on a channel I use, that may bump off my scheduled recordings.

Hi there @almostfedup2024 I want to help with your situation. Please check your inbox for a message from me

I replied to your 2 emails through my iCloud email. but I can't sign into Telus forum as it won't let me reset my password, says I don't access to that, but I can reply to you, when I hit reply.


You probably need to log in using your My TELUS SSO