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I am new to Telus, they sent a technician to hook us up , so we no longer have the service from Shaw . We were not sent the TV box beforehand , so we have had no TV for 2 days so far. Why would you send someone to connect you without making sure you that you had the equipment to be able to use their service?? Very poor business practice !!!  Not off to a good start Telus!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@disappointed3 Our installers generally deploy to the field with a rough idea of the day's work. As such, they will load equipment to their vehicles as needed or may already have existing stock. As a result, equipment doesn't necessarily need to be sent ahead of time. 


Did an installer show up and not have equipment?

No, the installer did not have a TV box, he said it was coming in the mail. This us our 5th day with no TV. I feel this is very poor business practice. We were not forwarned that this could happen. Someone should have made sure we had the equipment before we were disconnected from Shaw. We also have not had our old home phone number returned to us! We may seriously consider going back to Shaw if this is the best service we can get from Telus.

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Community Manager

I've sent a private message your way to see if we can get this into the right hands.