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Hired for Telus AI Community but can't access OneLogin


I was hired for the position of US Rater (part of the Telus AI Community).  While I can log in to the "Candidate Home", through which I submitted my I-9 and accepted all the pre employment documents, I cannot log into OneLogin.  It appears an account was never created for me even though I have received emails instructing me to log in.  When I log in through the "Candidate Home", my status is listed as "Offer in Progress".  Today was supposed to be my first day working for Telus, but I am unable to log in through the OneLogin system, which is necessary to begin my job.  I have tried emailing support through both [email protected] and [email protected] but have not received a reply.  I am concerned that if I am unable to log in within the next couple days the job offer will be rescinded and I will be completely dropped from the system.  If anyone could advise me on how to log in so I can start working it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighborhood is inhabited by customers of Telus. As such we are unable to address employment concerns. You will need to address this through the employment contacts you have already made with Telus.


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Would it be possible for you to give me an email address that will work? In the employment process I only received automated emails. I have attempted to email these addresses and either received an error message or no reply.