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Crave TV - Can't Find Discovery Canada's Frontier

Just Moved In

When we got Telus, we also subscribed to Crave. But when I go to the Crave Channel on Optik TV, I can't find Frontier. My old subscription to Crave has this show - but I can't find it on Optik Crave. 


I also can't find a way to do a general search on Optik Crave. When I search Frontier in the general Optik interface, the only option I get is to subscribe to Discovery. But I know Crave has this show. Does Optik Crave not have all the programs offered by Crave TV? ~ confused.


Community Power User
Community Power User

For me I can access Frontier in two ways. One is under Crave, and the other is under the regular On Demand. If in doubt, do a search. It's there.


For Crave, it's under the Dramas section.



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