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Add on without permission granted

On wed a Telus Rep shows up at my door when I was at work. One of my international students answered, she harassed him with questions while he kept saying please come back when the contract owner is home. He told her when I would be home. She shows up 30 mins before I'm off work and talks with the second international student living at my house. He told her the same thing and said you need to come back. She left. To my surprise this morning I get an email with changes to my contract adding Telus tv without my permission. I'm in shock. Ive been through hell and back with Telus since November and there's a loyalty manager who's suppose to be keeping an eye on my account till August due to all the mistakes they have made technically and financially. This is extremely bothersome that they can just do this without any kind of permission given by the contract owner. Also the headache of having to unravel these messes that they create for their customers. Telus is one of the most corrupt companies out there and I'm officially done. Today the rep tried to blame it on the international students after she believed that I didn't make the change myself. Even if the students said yes to this offer by this **bleep** employee they are not on my file or contract to add or make changes to anything. It's time for a law suit against this awful corporation. How is this allowed???


@Brycguy  We are customers here only can't help you sorry. Phone in and ask for billing untill you get billing during business hours. Demand that you get to billing the regular on line people most are not in canada will waste your time. 

That's definitely not right, and not the norm either! Like Polecat mentioned, it's best you give them a call to sort all of that out and also establish who has the authority to make such changes moving forward. You can also ask them to remove your address from any Telus sales visits/campaigns.

All of these things have already been done months ago. It's been an ongoing battle with Telus since November. First tech problems, then billing and them breaking the contract to over charge and now this fraud by an employee. I'm actually talking with a lawyer.

Understandably a challenging situation, but outside of the support channels you referred to and what polecat also mentioned, you wouldn't be able to resolve an issue like that here on a forum. 

Lol I wasnt trying to resolve the issue on the forum I was using the forum to share what type of behaviour to expect from Telus. Not once did I ask for it to be resolved on this forum. Why even respond lol