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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Ever got one of these texts?
Spam SMS.jpg


Ever wondered if it’s for real? It isn’t.

This is a spam SMS (AKA spam text).


Things to look for when identifying spam:

  • Too good to be true
  • Spelling errors
  • URL looks suspicious
  • Odd formatting


These messages are scams and you should never reply to them. You may have the desire to respond to the message, but if you do, it confirms that it’s an active number and the spam will continue and possibly increase.


If the spam message includes a link, do not click it. Links in the message may take you to a fake website that may ask for your personal information


Protect Yourself


Report it.

Forward the spam message to 7726 (SPAM) so it can be investigated and actioned. Reporting spam is free and does not count toward your data or text message package.


Delete it.


For more information on spam messages and instructions on how to report the message, visit our support page at:

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Friendly Neighbour

I received an SMS text message on my cell phone at about 0330 this morning which allegedly came from"TELUS Home Security" (999-999-9999) "" and said I had a refund of $42.68 because of an overcharge previously. There was a link to select which had no domain name so I immediately forwarded the complete message to TELUS Spam at 7726. These scam/phishing messages/emails are getting more and more sophisticated so one has to always be on guard and don't automatically click on email or SMS text links. I am starting to get more fake calls on my cell so I wonder if TELUS couldn't implement the same feature I have on my TELUS landline where the caller must input a number between 0 and 9 to let the call go through? This would be good for autodial voice calls but of course text messages would be problematic. Just some thoughts...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good looking out, @enb54! That text message is indeed a scam. We would never issue a credit via SMS; we'd issue it to your account or via original payment method.


To your second piece of feedback, Call Control on mobile exists! Here's a direct link to an article on how to enable it:

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks @dru I didn't realize Call Control was available on our cell phones, I'll be testing it out!

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