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Order Tracker - Check On The Status Of Your Order

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You've ordered your new device from TELUS and eagerly awaiting it's delivery. Excited, you obsessively look out your window for the delivery person. The pre-delivery angst is real.

What if we told you we don't have to live like this any more? Track your package every step of the way from the moment you've place your order to final delivery with our easy-to-use Order Status Tracker tool.


Simply enter your 19 digit order number and the tracker will provide you with the most up-to-date status of your order. Keep an eye out for the following status':


Order received

We've received your order and it is being processed. Typical processing time is 3-5 business days (longer for backorders)


Order approved

Good news! Order has been processed and is ready for shipment. A tracking number will be emailed to the address you provided us during renewal or activation.


We need more information to process your order

Uh oh, something went wrong. Reach out to our webstore  by phone via: 1-866-488-2709 between 9-9pm ET or email to complete the order


Order cancelled

Your order may have been cancelled for a number or reasons. A refund will be issued within 3-5 business days. If you have questions, contact our webstore by phone via: 1-866-488-2709 between 9-9pm ET or email


Order shipped

The moment you have been waiting for. Your order has shipped and the courier name and tracking number will be provided to you. Shipping time can vary between 2-5 business days. You can also track your order right away with the included link:




Still have questions about your online order? Give our National Web Store a call: 1-866-488-2709.

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Just Moved In

What should i do if I've waited more than the 3-5 business days to recieve any sort of tracking number? I've checked the status every day since it got approved, which was 10 days ago, and still haven't recieved anything. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

What happens when you put your order number into the tracking system linked above?



Friendly Neighbour

I am starting to think this is a scam by Telus in my opinion. You call, you email, you leave messages and no reply. Plus when you call longs waits. I have had to hang up after 3 hours, draw your own conclusions this is just my opinion. If not scam then terrible customer service.


Hi @Tmh177,

How long ago did you place your order? Do you have your order number? Was your order placed on

Just Moved In

I was given an order number via e-mail but when I enter it in the order tracker, it says the order does not exist.  I have e-mailed Telus orders twice with no response and I attempted to call.  The only options when I called are to e-mail (!) or leave a message.  However, when I tried to leave a message it said the voicemail box was unavailable.


My experience with Telus up until now has been fantastic (I'm currently a mobility customer) but this is completely ridiculous.  I shouldn't have to try to get help about an order from an online forum because I can't get help from Telus.


Does anyone know how I can get a reply about how to track my order or another way to track my order?


Same issue Tmh177 posted.

NO call back, NO email replies and over 2 hour long on hold (my phone's battery died so I had no choice to hang up). When I phoned today they said office is now closed??? we are open from 9-9 EST. Well, it was 9amMT .They don't exist. I think I got scammed. I don't want my stuff if I don't get it by Christmas. If I don't like it I want to return it but I found out telus does not have holiday return policy!!! 

I used Chat but no help at all. The agent on chat was totally useless. I was talking about the item I purchased from but he kept on saying phone, sim card etc. I ended the chat. 

Where is my stuff? still processing. I want to ask when my item will deliver? Holiday return etc? NO ONE HELP ME.

Just worst online shopping ever.


I've been trying to reach someone about my order. I've called, to get no answer, I've emailed 3 times...still nothing. I am being to think I was scammed. I have not received anything saying it has been shipped and it  has been well over the time they stated. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing this time of year Smiley Sad.

Community Manager
Community Manager

 @pookey123 @TerraJane


Sorry to hear about your experience. I understand you've had trouble getting through on the phones so please do contact our wonderful Social Media Team for assistance as well; they can help.

I've tried contacting all sources but no one is answering. If I have been scammed by Telus this close to Christmas or really anytime I will be truly disappointed and will express my concerns on social media for everyone else to be aware. It is truly unacceptable to have heard no response about my enquiries both via email and phone, until I posted where others could see.

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