"Not registered on network"


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I had a Telus iphone4 with a Telus sim, never had a network issue. I then put my Telus sim into an unlocked/rooted Galaxy SGH-i727 (skyrocket) OS ver 4.1.2 and randomly get "not registered on network" or 1 bar. This happens if I cross a street and even if I move from one end of the couch to the other, at one point I changed APN settings and did notice a very small improvement with registered-not registered issue (now reconnects on its own). Then after trying dozens of other suggestions I popped my sim into an unlocked/rooted Galaxy GT-s7560 and never had an issue. I prefer my SGH-i727 mainly because of size and speed and want to continue using it but can't because of this issue.
I have tried way too many fixes to list here except for reinstall or reset to manufacturer settings.
Any ideas/help?

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Sounds like an issue with the phone itself if it works fine in another model. The SGH-i727 is 4 years old now so it could be any number of things.


Rooted phones could have any number of reception problems due to installing different kernel and radio firmware.

If you are adventurous you may want to try installing Lollipop.


i hope this help you : 10 ways Fix not registered on network error for Samsung galaxy http://mywikispace.com/not-registered-on-network/