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prepaid cellphone question


So i want to get my friend an iphone5 how do i do that when i dont want anything in my name ?

also he has a sim card in his phone. his phone is busted

its for telus and im wondering does the iphone itself have to be bought as a pre paid or can i just grab one on month to month !!

how does this work??

i have to bring my friend the phone after i have bought it so that wont be right away let me know peeps!


i was looking on craigslist... but i dunno about it

its a gift people



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Some ideas....

  • a Best Buy/Future Shop or your fav electronics retailer gift card.  Take the gift card to the store and then use it to purchase the phone or sign a contract.
  • purchase the phone outright and pop his sim into the phone

What phone does he have now?

  • most phones do not support the nano sized SIM
  • some newer SIMs can be cut to fit the iPhone5.  Older SIM's may be discarded as they don't support LTE.

Be careful on craiglist....

  • is the phone locked to another carrier?
  • is the phone stolen?



no the phone isnt stolen his phone is broken and he has a prepaid account with telus and an iphone

i am just wondering if i buy an iphone does it have to be with telus

and if i bought it would it have to be in my name!