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So moved into a basement suite and have no signal. what is the best way to fix that without spending $300 - $500

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Community Power User

The choices I can see, assuming you have good signal OUTSIDE the basement include in no particular order:

- Buying the $300 - $500 + signal booster

- Finding a location in the suite where signal is good, and using that as your charging point for the phone in concert with a BlueTooth connected telephone handset.

- Choosing a different cellular phone with better antenna


If poor signal outside the suite:

- Getting a landline

- Getting a VoIP phone or VoIP service and a Smartphone App

- Seeing if you can be included in the Telus Extend trial (still being tested). Search for 'Telus Extend' on this site.


- Enjoying the serenity of a home life uninterrupted by phone calls Smiley Very Happy






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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I also live in a basement suite and have the same struggle. You could download the Telus Network experience App which is free and everytime you have poor quality you can go in there and ping the app. That way our tower maintenance knows where to focus their energy. Newer devices will pick up service better. I have an Iphone SE and my boyfriend has an Iphone 6. My phone picks up the towers much better and faster than his iphone 6. Stores have a 14 days return policy. You could get a new phone, try it and if there's no improvement, return the device at no cost to you. If you order online or over the phone the return period is 30 days. 

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